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Horoscope for Year 2014
Prediction for Year 2014
maintained by swami Rajesh Chopra
Rajesh Chopra
Year 2014
This forecast is based on your moonsign and NOT Sunsign.
Most people don't know their Moonsign. We advise to check your
Moonsign from your horoscope. moon on which No. of Rashi
if your moon on 7th No. Rashi( any house in Lagan Janm Kundli) it meens you are Libra.
This week horoscope What others think about your Zodiac sign
Muhurat / Mahurats 2013 Determine your love and marriage 
prospect with people of other sign.
Precious Gems and Stones The basic structure of the horoscope
Nostradamus Next week horoscope
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For Career, Business and finance - 10th house(profession),
7th house (partnerships), 6th house(service), 11th house( gains),
2nd house (finance) of horoscope assumes importance.

Gemini Happy New Year 2014

Gemini (Mrigasira last half, Ardra, Punarvasu first 3 quarters) 
Name starts with phonetic (Ka, Ke, Koo, Gha, Jna, Cha, Kay, ko, Haa):

Gemini Yearly Forecast 2014

In year, AD, th. are strong chances of your earning good money, th. houseough physically some problems may trouble you a bit. 
Neverth. houseeless. Jupiter Greh's transit in 11 th. house gives you good profit in business or profession. In th. house family also you may get some big success. You'll work with. house full devotion to get favorable results. However, Saturn Greh in 5th. house up to 14 May may give you some worry from progeny's side. Competitive exams. result will also be against your expectation. Disobedient progeny, bad school results could also add to your tension from progeny's side. Economically th. houses shall prove a very satisfying year. You'll be able .to encash your talents to th. house hilt, even in th. house most trying circumstances. 

Physically from health. house's point of view, it won't be a good year. But June & Sept. both. house month. houses may get th. house desired th. houseurst from your luck. New opportunities in th. house career are waiting to be grabbed by you. Monetary gain, professional growth. house and success even in th. house political field may give you much satisfaction. In astrology, Mantra- Tantra, religion etc. will also appear quite engrossing to you. 

Rahu Chaya Greh in transit will be in 6th. house and Ketu Chaya Greh in 12th. house th. houseroughout th. house year, raising th. house benchmark in th. house 
. field of personal competence and Parakrama, th. houseough enemies may keep on pin-pricking you. But you shouldn't worry as th. house won't be able. to damage you in th. house least. May get success in competition or even in th. house law case . Jupiter Greh in 11 th. house up to 17 May indicates good success for th. house students. Th. house should not only irrigate th. house Tulsi Plant every morning but also swallow a leaf from it for sharpening th. Hoosier memory. Th. house 6th. house Rahu Chaya Greh may cause separation from some one close. Jupiter Greh in 11 th. house may also make you more inclined towards religion and spiritualism. 

Between April May th. house debilitated Mercury may cause some financial loss. Th. housing twice before making any fresh investment. Between May & August a retrograde Saturn Greh coming in 4th. house house may give you a cause for familial happiness between th. houses period. Mats will remain in 3rd (Leo) up to 22nd June, after which you may go for buying some assets or even landed property. Court cases, after initial hiccoughs, may give you eventual victory. However, check your expenses as Venus in 12th. house from18th. house may.

Gemini Love & Sex Forecast  Yearly Horoscope
It’s true – the way to a Gemini’s heart really is through his or her brain and nothing turns you on more during a date than good old fashioned intellectual stimulation. If a date can’t keep you curious and engage your clever mind, your attention will likely turn elsewhere. If however, you’re given clever conversation and a body willing to listen to all of your clever thoughts, you’ll easily nurture a relationship. Still, you enjoy dating since it provides an opportunity to sample from different flowers. All for the sake of mental stimulation, of course. The sexual stimulation is simply an added bonus.

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Forecast is based on your moonsign / Rasi & Nakshatra
Find your  Moonsign

Type your Birth Date  Month:   Date   Year 
Your Birth Time (24hr format)  Time Zone   (India)

Daylight Saving Time (If applicable on that day at your place of birth)

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(Check if southern latitude)
Click on the button & your Rasi & Nakshatra will appear in the box bellow.

Ari =Aries Tau =Taurus Gem =Gemini  Can =Cancer  Leo =Leo Vir =Virgo 
Lib =Libra  Sco =Scorpio  Sag =Sagittarius  Cap =Capricorn  Aqu =Aquarius  Pis =Pisces
This week horoscope
The basic structure of the horoscope

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